Monday, March 21, 2016

FCD3NTL: Sonny's Challenge

On last week's episode of the Podcacher Podcast Sonny mentioned how ingenious all the geocaching puzzle writers out there are and how they seem to be able to make a puzzle out of anything. He pulled an example out of the air of something that he probably thought would be impossible: a puzzle based on dental floss.

I took it as a personal challenge. About an hour later, I had created this puzzle.

The checksum for this puzzle is 34. (Remember, the checksum is the result of adding all the individual digits of the coords.)

At the end you should discover a thematically appropriate item. This one is best viewed on Street View.  

Please don't spoil the answer in the comments! Hints published tomorrow, and the answer on Wednesday. 

Happy Puzzling.

(PS I'm publishing a little early this week so that Podcacher listeners will see the puzzle, and not a broken link, we'll be back to the regular time of noon, next week. The hint and answer will publish at the regular noon time.)


  1. That was a quick one - you'll need a big supply to clean here!

  2. Solved very quickly, good puzzle.

  3. I just listened to the Podcacher episode and forgot to try when I got home. Glad it was a simple one. Yes, you can create a puzzle using dental floss! Very well done!


REMEMBER: No spoilers!