Tuesday, September 27, 2016

FCBR1DG: Animal Idioms HINTS

Did this week's Mystery Monday puzzle drive you batty? Here are some hints to help!

There will be five hints that get progressively more revealing. Hint five is nuclear level, basically giving away the puzzle so be careful how you use it!

HINT 1: Gurer fher ner n ybg bs ongf va guvf vzntr, uhu?

HINT 2: Ner gurer nal navzny vqvbzf nobhg ongf?

HINT 3: Gur bar lbh jnag vf "Oyvaq nf n ong."

HINT 4: Jung glcr bs chmmyr be pbqr zvtug eribyir nebhaq orvat oyvaq?

HINT 5: Gur ongf ercerfrag qbgf va Oenvyyr. Nal bgure navzny vf na rzcgl fcnpr.

Answers tomorrow!

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