Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FCM00Z: Cache Cow: HINTS

Not finding this week's Mystery Monday puzzle a-moos-ing? Need a hint?

I will give you five hints, each getting progressively more revealing, but they will be encoded in ROT13, just like the hints on geocaching pages. You can copy and paste the hints here to decode them. HINT 5 will be nuclear level, so only look at it as a last resort!

HINT 1: Guvf chmmyr vf onfrq ba n pbzchgre ynathntr.

HINT 2: Gurer vf n znwbe uvag va gur svefg fragrapr bs gur qrfpevcgvba.

HINT3: "Bbx?" Gung'f n jrveq jbeq...

Hint 4: Lbh'yy arrq n gbby gung pna eha gur ynathntr.

Hint 5: Ehaavat gur arkg guebhtu na Bbx Qrpbqre jvyy tvir lbh pbbeqvangrf. Va zbfg bs gurz lbh pna eha vg nf vf. Gurer znl or fbzr jurer lbh'q arrq gb chg gur grkg vagb n Jbeq qbp (be fvzvyne) naq qb n svaq naq ercynpr sbe "zbb" naq "bbx."

Answer tomorrow!

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  1. Very nice. Once you know what the "key" is, it makes the whole picture focus. My biggest trouble is in finding that key. First I've heard of that language. Thanks for the puzzles!!!!!


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