Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FCN31LG: Endless Puzzles ANSWER

Was this week's Mystery Monday puzzle endless joy, or endless misery? The answer is after the break!

This week's puzzle was a game in lateral thinking, and "one of these things is not like the other." You were presented with 10 rows of 10 words, and the hint "endless." It was up to you to figure out that one word in each row did not contain the letters E. N or D. In other words it was "endless," or "end-less." The position in the row told you the number you needed for the coords. If it was the first word, your number was 1, the second was 2, etc. The tenth word was 0.

So what did you find at the coords? A sculpture entitled "Infinity" by José de Rivera.

The sculpture is a three sided Moebius strip, a kind of twisted shape that creates an endless loop. If you traced your finger along the surface of the sculpture you would twist and turn until you had touched the entire length of all three faces and returned to your starting point. 

The 1967 commission of the piece marked the first abstract sculpture ever commissioned by the United States government. Up to that point they had only commissioned representative sculptures of military heroes, or mythological figures. 

The solid stainless steel loop is 16' long, 8' wide, and 13' tall and weighs 800 lbs. It sits atop a 16' granite pedestal. It was the largest sculpture ever completed by the artist. Hidden in the pedestal is a motor that slowly turns the sculpture, one complete revolution every 6 minutes. It took the artist 18 months to fully extrude and shape the steel, and polish it to a mirror finish. 

How did you do with the puzzle? 

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