Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FCH00FS: The Hard Way HINTS

Feeling mauled by this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? Here are some hints to help you tame them!

I will give you five hints, each getting progressively more revealing, but they will be encoded in ROT13, just like the hints on geocaching pages. You can copy and paste the hints here to decode them. HINT 5 will be nuclear level, so only look at it as a last resort!

HINT 1: Ng gur onfr vg vf n irel pbzzba chmmyr glcr, bar lbh'q frr va n arjfcncre.

HINT 2: Gur navznyf ercerfrag yrggref.

HINT 3: Sbe abj, vg qbrfa'g znggre juvpu yrggref nf ybat nf lbh ner pbafvfgrag.

HINT 4: Nffvta rnpu navzny n yrggre, sbe vafgnapr nyy fanxrf ner na "N," nyy uvccbf ner n "O," rgp. Vs lbh unir gjb qvssrerag vzntrf bs gur fnzr navzny gurl trg nffvtarq qvssrerag yrggref.

HINT 5: Bapr lbh unir yrggref, fvzcyl fbyir nf lbh jbhyq n pelcgbtenz. Gur svefg jbeq vf "Abegu."

Answers tomorrow!

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