Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FCF0RT4: Elements of a Good Holiday ANSWER

Did you celebrate your sucess this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? Or was it a dud? The answer is after the break!

This week's puzzle was based on a little bit of chemistry, as hinted by the repeated word "element." Fireworks use a variety of compounds to create the brilliant colors that we see in the beautiful explosions. Mostly in the form of salts. If you searched "fireworks elements" or "fireworks chemistry" you'd find a variety of infographics like this one:

These give you an idea of the elements used in creating the fireworks. Depending on which one you used it might have been necessary to find multiple sources to get all the information you need.

Each of the fireworks on the puzzle graphic had two letters at the center of the graphic. Elements have a variety of information that could replace the letters, but in this case you want the atomic number. So, for green, which was labelled GH, you want 56. G = 5, H = 6.

Most of the puzzle was just a straightforward replacement except the West minutes which required a little addition.

And at the final coordinates you find....

The roof of the Lamons Gasket Company, which happens to feature an enormous American flag mural. The mural is by New York artist Scott Lobaido who completed it on July 4th, 2010. 

The mural is 3.5 acres, 300 x 500 feet, 90 x 150 meters. It took 900 gallons of paint and a little more than a month to complete. The artist even worked through a hurricane. By some measures it is the largest US Flag mural in the world. It is often visible from planes arriving or departing from nearby Houston Hobby Airport. 

How did you fare with this week's puzzle? 

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