Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TCP15C5: Tidal Pool? ANSWER

Did this week's Mystery Monday puzzle have you fishing for answers? Well, here they are!

This puzzle revolved around the multiple definitions of the word "pool." The puzzle writer visually directs you towards one definition: a pool of water that a fish might swim in. But in order to solve you'd have to think of a different definition of pool: the billiard game.

Pool balls use a system of sixteen colored and numbered balls for various games. Balls 1 through 8 are solid colors, balls 9 through 15 are white with a colored stripe, and there is an unnumbered ball that is white.

If you look closely at the fish in the pool you'll see that the colors of the fish bodies match the colors that can be found on the first eight balls. The first fish in the upper left is orange, which is the ball numbered "5," in the game. The start coords start with 5, which makes that a decent start to the puzzle! The next fish is purple, which is the 4 ball.

The only twist you might run into after that is the white fish. The white pool ball has no number on it... so what does that make the representative digit in the coords? Zero!

So what do you find at the final coords? Another big fish!

The Big Fish is a sculpture by local artist John Kindness. It was commissioned and completed in 1999 to celebrate the regeneration of the River Lagan, and is displayed at the confluence of the Lagan meets the Farset.

The skin of the fish is made from ceramic mosaic tiles, decorated with images or text celebrating Belfast’s history from Tudor times right up to the modern day. Many of the images came from the Ulster Museum, but children from the local schools also contributed drawings that appear on the skin of the fish.

As a note I had said on Monday that Dolores Davidson sent me the information about this sculpture but I discovered that it was also forwarded to me by Jon Newswanger! Just want to make sure that everyone gets the credit they deserve. If you have a location in your city or town that you think would make a good final location for one of these puzzles, please send it to me!

So, how did you do with the puzzle?



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