Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FCDZRT5 Speaking With Forked Tongue HINTS

Is this week's Mystery Monday puzzle double the fun? Or double-y frustrating? Here are some hints!

I will give you five hints, each getting progressively more revealing, but they will be encoded in ROT13, just like the hints on geocaching pages. You can copy and paste the hints here to decode them. HINT 5 will be nuclear level, so only look at it as a last resort!

HINT 1: Lbh pna erpbtavmr gur svefg pbqr ol rlr, evtug? 

HINT 2: Gur jbeq "qbhoyr" sebz gur qrfpevcgvba vf n uvag gung guvf vf qbhoyr rapbqrq. 

HINT 3: Gur gvgyr vf na boyvdhr uvag gb gur frpbaq pbqr. 

HINT 4: Gel tbbtyvat fbzr bs gur jbeqf va gur pbqr gb frr vs lbh pna svaq n zngpu sbe vg. 

Hint 5: Gur frpbaq pbqr vf "Aninwb Pbqr," hfrq va Jbeyq Jne 2. 

Answers tomorrow!

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