Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FCH0LL4: Wreath Wriot HINTS

Feeling like this week's puzzle was a lump of coal? Check the stocking again!

Each hint is progressively stronger. Hint 1 is a genre nudge to get you started. Hint 5 is nuclear and basically spoils the puzzle, so be careful! You can decode hints here.

HINT 1: Bar jerngu ercerfragf Abegu, bar Jrfg.

HINT 2: Pbaarpg gur "qbgf?"

HINT 3: Uvtuyvtugf ba gur beanzragf jvyy tvir lbh naq beqre.

HINT 4: Gur envaobj vf n thvqr gb beqrevat gur qvtvgf.

HINT 5: Pbaarpg gur qbgf sbyybjvat gur ahzore bs uvtuyvtugf va rnpu beanzrag gb trg qvtvgf. EBLTOVI beqre bs beanzrag pbybe jvyy tvir lbh qvtvg beqre.

Answers tomorrow! Good luck!


REMEMBER: No spoilers!