Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FC4R436 Like Ma Bell Used To Do it HINTS

Have you reached the operator on this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? Here's some hints to help.

I will give you five hints, each getting progressively more revealing, but they will be encoded in ROT13, just like the hints on geocaching pages. You can copy and paste the hints here to decode them. HINT 5 will be nuclear level, so only look at it as a last resort!

HINT 1: Lbh arrq gb xabj na "byq snfuvbarq" pbzzhavpngvba zrgubq.

HINT 2: Cubar ohggbaf unir zber guna ahzoref. 

HINT 3: Vs lbh jrer n grrantre va gur rneyl 2000'f lbh jrer cebonoyl dhvgr nqrcg ng guvf. 

Hints 4: Bar cerff, gjb cerffrf, be guerr? 

Hint 5: Va cer-fznegcubar grkgvat vg gbbx zhygvcyr cerffrf bs gur ahzore xrlf gb trg n yrggre. N fvatyr cerff bs gur gjb ohggba rdhnyrq N, gjb cerffrf jnf O, guerr jnf P. Rgp. 

Answers tomorrow!

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  1. Aah ... here I was looking at "old fashioned" communication methods and now I find that old is not old at all! ;)


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