Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Is this week's Mystery Monday puzzle making you want to say something other than "darn?" Here are some hints to help!

There will be five hints that get progressively more revealing. Hint five is nuclear level, basically giving away the puzzle so be careful how you use it!

HINT 1: Lbh zvtug arrq fbzr fpvffbef.

HINT 2: Gurer ner fb znal ubyrf va gubfr fbpxf lbh pbhyq nyzbfg frr guebhtu gurz.

HINT 3: Guvf fglyr bs chmmyr vf pnyyrq n "Pneqna Tevyyr."

HINT 4: Yvar hc gur neebjf naq bgure funcrf ba gur fbpxf jvgu gur barf va gur ahzore fdhner. Bar fbpx ng n gvzr.

HINT 5: Gur ahzoref gung fubj guebhtu gur ubyrf ner gur pbbeqf. Gurl ner beqrerq onfrq ba gur ahzore bs fgevcrf ba gur fbpxf naq ernq ebhtuyl yrsg gb evtug.

Answers tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FCARGYL Darn Socks!

A little late, but a puzzle arrived this week anyway!

Here's a closer look at that puzzle image if you need it!

Hints tomorrow, and the answer on Thursday! Good luck!