Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FCA118R: Blind Alleys HINT

Need a hint on this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? Check it out after the break.

The "maze" is a red herring. The word "Blind" is big hint on this one. What might "Blind" point to in puzzle solving? Think on it and reexamine the stoplights.

For an even bigger hint, check page 106 in How To Puzzle Cache. (This is kind of the nuclear hint so be SURE you want to know before you look.)

Come back tomorrow for the answer!


  1. Thanks for the hint, which was much needed. I was well and truly stuck in a blind alley until this was published. No need for the spoiler though. Now solved and delighted to be able to view this week's very interesting structure, the likes of which I've not seen before.

  2. Thanks for the hint and the weekly puzzles. I'm slowly reading the book, working through the puzzles. I hadn't started this chapter yet, it's up next. I'm not a fan of puzzles only because the start is the hardest. Once I have a clue where to look, I can usually find the answer. It's understanding those first "things to look for" that I need the most practice with. Maybe someday I'll be a fan of puzzle caches, who knows, but thanks anyway!

  3. I was reading the hint. Halfway through the secont sentance the "duh" moment hit. I really enjoyed the object at GZ. It tied in so well with the puzzle


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