Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FCP45TA: Puzzling Pasta, ANSWER

Ready for the answer to this week's Mystery Monday practice puzzle? It is below the cut!

Ronzoni Pasta (and several other pasta makers) use numbers to refer to their various shapes and sizes of pasta. Each of the types mention here have a number which you could find by looking up the pasta at the Ronzoni website. The numbers are visible on the front of the boxes. Acini di pepe, for instance, is number 44.

Lines that mentioned recipes using two types of pasta required a little math, adding the two numbers.

Ditalini is 40. Acini di pepe (44) plus ziti (2) is 46. Gemelli (126) plus spinach fettuccine (131) is 257. Tri color rotini (63) plus vermicelli (10) equals 73. Cavatappi (36) plus small shells (23) is 59. Tricolor rotini (63) and spaghetti (8) equals 71. And finally another 8 from spaghetti. That gives us 40 46 257 73 59 71 8, broken into coordinates would be N 40° 46.257, W 73° 59.718.

At the final location is a sculpture by Malcolm Cochran, named "Private Passage," the exterior looks like a giant wine bottle, with portholes in the side. Inside the bottle is a stainless steel replica of a stateroom from the ocean liner the Queen Mary.

How did you do with the puzzle this week?


  1. I understood what to do but failed in finding a list of the pasta numbers.

    1. I don't know that there is a definitive list. When I beta tested it for Jennifer I looked each name up individually at the Ronzoni website. I found a few partial lists, but nothing that was complete.

  2. I found all the pasta numbers (Ronzoni must have been wondering what I was cooking up!), but couldn't get the math worked out right.


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