Monday, January 11, 2016

Mystery Monday FCP45TA: Puzzling Pasta

This week's Mystery Monday puzzle was created by friend of the blog Jennifer Kidder who edits the "Geocaching Puzzle Of The Day Blog," which features real geocaching puzzles from around that world. Jennifer offers you "Puzzling Pasta."

As usual there will be a hint posted tomorrow, and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Please don't spoil it for others in comments!

Just in case you have trouble reading the text, here it is:

The other night I had a call from my friend Ron.  Our conversation went like this:

“Hey!  We’re thinking about cooking up some pasta and knocking off a bottle of wine … care to join us?”

“Sounds great!  What kind of pasta is on the menu?”

“Well, the cupboard is pretty well stocked.  Maybe some ditalini?”

“I’m not familiar with that one.”

“We’ve got all kinds, from acini di pepe to ziti.  Actually I think we have a recipe that combines both of those.”


“Or we’ve got another one that uses gemelli and spinach fettuccine.”


“And another one for tri-color rotini and vermicelli …”

“I think I’ve at least heard of those.”

“Or there’s the one for cavatappi and small shells.  That’s one of my mother’s favorites.”

“How is Mrs. Zoni?  I remember I always loved her tri-color rotini and spaghetti.”

“She’s fine, I’ll tell her you asked.  She always said you can never go wrong with plain old spaghetti.  Let’s just have that.”

“Suits me!  All this talk has made me hungry.”

On my way out the door, not only was I looking forward to dinner, but I knew just where I was going to put my next cache.

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  1. Pretty sure I cooked up the right answer to this one! That was fun!


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