Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FCJ3SS2: Good Neighbors ANSWER

The answer to this week's Mystery Monday puzzle, FCJ3SS2: Good Neighbors, is below the cut!

The puzzle was based on a Sudoku style puzzle called "Neighbors." Here is the answer:

The correct coords were N 34° 00.334, W 081° 02.121. Near that location on street-view you would see this sight:

The chain is known as the "Neverbust" and was placed in secret by an artist known as "Blue Sky," who has a few other pieces nearby. The owners of the buildings knew that he was placing it, but the city of Columbia, SC, who own the park underneath the chain, had no idea. After it was unveiled they gave retroactive permission.

How did you do with the puzzle?

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  1. Cool. I got the puzzle worked correctly and will know to go to street view to check gz out next time. Thanks. Looking forward to working on the next puzzle :)


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