Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Ready for the answer to this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? You'll find them after the jump!

By drawing a line from each pair of items, top to bottom, left to right you form an X. The number at the intersection of the X is the number that you need. They go in the order they are presented in across the top. Red for North, blue for West.

At the final location you will find the Star of India, the world's oldest active sailing ship! It was built in 1863, and launched just five days before Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address! Though the ship has faced many challenges, including nearly sinking on her maiden voyage, she has circled the globe 21 times! She's currently part of the Sand Diego Maritime Museum, but still sails regularly.

How did you do on this week's puzzle? Did you like the new hint system?


  1. How did I miss these practice puzzles for so long? I'll share this with our puzzle caching group when we get together tomorrow!

    1. This version has only existed for about a month. I had been doing non-geocaching style puzzles on the Facebook page previously. Do you have the book? Tell me about your group!

  2. Very nice. I had a clue, but went the wrong way. The start of a puzzle is still the most difficult part. I liked the clue system, and the final for this week's puzzle. Thanks!!!

  3. I like the format. I appreciate getting the answer later, so that I don't have to struggle to avoid the temptation to cheat without giving the puzzle a good try! And getting a hint in the middle between the puzzle and the answer is nice, too, especially with the escalating hint level.


REMEMBER: No spoilers!