Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FCP4DR3 The Feast of St Geo ANSWER

Get some green beer, it's time for the answer to this week's Mystery Monday puzzle, after the break!

In this week's puzzle each of the saints named on the scroll has a feast day associated with them. The date (day only) of the feast day formed the coordinates.

A couple people had trouble with the checksum, all of which came down to differing sources giving different days. Some of it was a matter of Canadian vs. US dates, a couple were different parts of the church celebrating on different days. Just like in real life sometimes there is conflicting information on the web, and you have to check a couple sources to get a final answer.

And AT the final location you would have found this:

St Patrick's County Park, (which, bizarrely enough is in St. Joseph's County) is right at the Indiana/Michigan border. In fact the top line of the tree sculpture is on the state line. I couldn't find very much information on why exactly this tree sculpture graces the park, but Indiana seems to like this sort of thing, (as anyone who has solved the puzzle on page 40 of How To Puzzle Cache can attest.)

The park itself gets great reviews online, though surprisingly there aren't a lot of geocaches there. There is a webcam trained on a nest of eagles that call the park home. They fledged one eaglet last season, and are on track to do so again this year.

How did you do with the puzzle this week?

Oh, and Happy St. Parick's Day!

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