Tuesday, February 16, 2016

FCC4K3S: Pie Eating Contest HINTS

Need a few hints for this week's Mystery Monday puzzle? You'll find them after the jump!

I will give you five hints, each getting progressively more revealing, but they will be encoded in ROT13, just like the hints on geocaching pages. You can copy and paste the hints here to decode them. HINT 5 will be nuclear level, so only look at it as a last resort!

HINT 1: Gur qngr vf n uvag.

HINT 2: Gurer vf n ubzbalz sbe "cvr" gung jvyy or hfrshy.

HINT 3: Gur ahzore bs cvrf rngra ol gur jvaaref vf n uvag. Lbh'yy arrq n gbby.

HINT 4: Gur PB hfrf gur jbeq "cynpr" n ybg. Cv vf rkcerffrq nf n qrpvzny, naq qrpvzny ahzoref unir "cynprf."

HINT 5: Gur svefg cynpr jvaare ngr gur fnzr ahzore bs cvrf nf gur svefg qrpvzny cynpr va Cv, (1). Jung ahzore nccrnef ng rnpu bs gur "cynprf"bs gur bgure pbzcrgvgbef? Gurer ner gbbyf bayvar gung jvyy frnepu gung vasbezngvba sbe lbh.

Answer tomorrow!

Bonus question for those of you who use phones or tablets to view this, what does the following text look like? Please let me know in the comments.

I could potentially do hints this way so that you don't have to leave the page. This is an experiment to see if the text is invisible on all platforms. 

If it just looks white highlight the area to see what is there.

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