Friday, February 5, 2016

Resource Friday Follow Up: EXIF Data

I realized that unlike the book I could actually use this format to show you what kind of things could be hidden within a photo using EXIF Data. You'll want to do this on a desktop. It is difficult to do on a phone or tablet.

So, here is a photo.

First, isolate the image to get the URL of only the image (Depending on what system you’re using, select the image URL by clicking one these:
  • Chrome: Copy image URL
  • Safari: Copy image address
  • Internet Explorer: Properties > Copy the URL address shown
  • Firefox: Copy image location
Just in case you have trouble with that here is the URL: 

Then go to the EXIF Viewer I gave you earlier today ( and paste that URL into the box at the top. Google strips away some of the EXIF when I post it here, but there are still a few pieces of info in there to discover. 

Now you should have a better idea of what you are looking for when you check the EXIF data for a photo. 


  1. Fun streetview. I like Jeffrey's EXIF because if it doesn't have any info for a puzzle, it has a link to imgops to dig into the image from different approaches.

  2. Huh. The camera lens was dirty.


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