Monday, April 25, 2016

FCWWW3B: Signal To Noise

Another week has come, and it's time for another practice puzzle! This one is inspired by a puzzle that I recently solved. While this was NOT the solution to that puzzle, I spent an awful lot of time trying to MAKE it the solution... of course it didn't work... You gotta love those "tunnel vision" moments in puzzle solving. 

Here is a closer look at that text, just in case you need it:

 For more information on using puzzle stats see this post. (Remember, the checksum is the result of adding all the individual digits of the coords.)

Please don't spoil the answer in the comments! Hints published tomorrow, and the answer on Wednesday.

Happy Puzzling!


  1. THIS is a D2 difficulty?!! OH, you've got to be kidding me... Looks interesting though.

    1. It isn't as difficult as it might look at first.

  2. I had a small error in the puzzle earlier. If you were looking at the puzzle page version you were fine, but the error was in the "close up" version. I apologize for the error!


REMEMBER: No spoilers!