Tuesday, November 8, 2016

FCGR00M: My Cache-a-versary HINTS

Unable to celebrate this week's Mystery Monday puzzle ? Here are some hints to help!

There will be five hints that get progressively more revealing. Hint five is nuclear level, basically giving away the puzzle so be careful how you use it!

HINT 1: Naavirefnevrf ner gur xrl. 

HINT 2: Svefg rdhnyf bar, frpbaq rdhnyf gjb, rgp. 

HINT 3: Tbyq rdhnyf svsgl.

HINT 4: Jung vf gur genqvgvbany tvsg sbe n jrqqvat naavirefnel? 

HINT 5: Rnpu jrqqvat naavirefnel unf n genqvgvbany tvsg nffbpvngrq jvgu vg. Qbhoyr purpx gur yvfg, gurer vf fbzr inevngvba orgjrra gur HF naq Oevgvfu yvfgf. 

Answers tomorrow! 

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