Monday, May 2, 2016

FCFR13D: Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey!

Hope you've had a good breakfast and are ready for a new puzzle, because here it is!

 And here's a closer look at that graphic, in case you need it.

I'm trying something new with the puzzle stats this week following an issue that a couple people had with last week's puzzle. Each direction of the coords have their own checksums. Remember, the checksum is the result of adding all the individual digits of the coord. For more information on using puzzle stats see this post.

Please don't spoil the answer in the comments! Hints published tomorrow, and the answer on Wednesday.

Happy Puzzling!


  1. Feeling sunny side down...guess I'll wait for a hint.

  2. This is a great puzzle! I like the multiple steps/ layers. But a D 2.5? Really? More like a D 4 or 5!

    1. D ratings are kind of regional, but for D5 in my area I'd expect 8 or 10 steps. The one D5 I actually own has a fairly uncommon cipher on the page that leads you to another uncommon cipher that requires you to track down a keyword that gets you access to a physical puzzle that reveals a third cipher. And that's a simplified explanation!


REMEMBER: No spoilers!